Thank You


First and foremost, I would like to thank my family. This website only exists because I poured everything I had into it for the better part of two months. Normally I reserve that kind of all-consuming effort for taking care of them. And, of course, I thank them in general; they are my world; they make me who I am from day to day.

I also want to thank Eastern University. First of all, my family wouldn't exist if not for my time there as an undergraduate. More directly related to this project, though, I want to thank the faculty of the Masters of Data Science program. I originally envisioned this website a year ago. I could have envisioned it—or one like it—several years ago. The education I received in this program not only made it possible for me to bring that vision to life, it gave me the impetus to actually do it. If you know me, you know that actually doing the thing I mean to do is no mean feat. I am grateful to this degree program for making me do this thing.

I want to briefly thank mental health care in general. Around the same time I started my degree program, I also started therapy and ADHD meds. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have finished the former without the latter.

Finally, I know I thanked my family already, but I want to give particular thanks to my wife. She is amazing. I love her. She encouraged me to undertake this degree program, and she helped me find the wherewithal to stick with it when I really really wanted to quit. This project is for her in a broad "I-dedicate-this-project-to-my-wife" sort of way, and also in a literal "I-am-building-this-to-be-a-tool-she-can-use-professionally" sort of way. Thank you.


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